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We provide a high-quality, comprehensive, pre-employment screening service for municipalities that examines the physical and psychological ability of career and volunteer firefighter candidates in terms of health and job specific performance.


City of Welland
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Upcoming Test Dates:
To place your name on the waiting list for April 18th or 25th, please email info@fireontario.com.

-To book a CPAT Orientation, or to purchase the CPS preparation manual, please email info@fireontario.com.

For CPAT and Clinical Assessment Training:
-Firefighting-specific fitness training services offered by Pathway to Wellness serving candidates in the GTA and surrounding area and Reactivated serving candidates in the Niagara region.


“We are delighted to have Firefighter Services of Ontario as the exclusive volunteer firefighter screening facility for Town of Fort Erie. We are thoroughly impressed with their flexible services and professionalism and we look forward to our continued partnership. We highly recommend them to all municipalities in the province for firefighter recruitment.”
Larry Coplen, Fire Chief, Town of Fort Erie

“Congratulations and exciting times are ahead as you launch the new Firefighter Services of Ontario.  I will continue to use your services in full-time and volunteer candidate screening.  Again, you have my support and congratulations.”
Chris Halliday, Retired Fire Chief, City of Thorold

“I had a very positive screening experience with Firefighter Services of Ontario. The staff were so helpful, positive, and friendly. It definitely made for a much more relaxed setting in an already stressful situation.”
Caroline Downes, Firefighter Candidate

“Thank-you for making my first fitness test with Firefighter Services of Ontario a positive and welcoming experience.”
Mitchell Lisinski, Firefighter Candidate

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